There is more than money and profits

There is more than money and profits

Our beliefs

The sustainability of waste products goes beyond ‘just a good system’

For our customers a good and reliable machine is the first requirement. However, making waste streams circular is about more than just a good system. It is also about:

  • Processes- success is partly determined by the extent to which users can work with the system and are satisfied;
  • Communication, because communication forms the basis for acceptance and proper functioning of the system;
  • Feeling, because a good feeling ensures that people make sustainability more successful. After all, people intrinsically care for and want to contribute to the environment.

Not profit, but a satisfied customer is our priority!

Offering customer satisfaction and added value is central to our business and forms the basis of all our actions. We aim for a sustainable relationship with our customers. This means that the interests of our customers help to form the solutions we offer. Our focus is not on financial or economic gain, but on long-term cooperation as this is where real value is created. Our customers seek professionalism and collaboration. This model combines the best of both worlds and is therefore a good example of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Tomorrow is just as important as today

If you are already considering the daily use of waste reduction systems, you are already planning for the future. The aim for a sustainable society is part of this vision. For the customers with whom we work, a valuable future is not possible without respect for people, the environment and society. That is why we are aware of the impact that our actions today, have on the world of tomorrow.

We believe in the power of solidarity and collectivity

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to move on, go together “, says an African proverb. In view of technological developments and the anchoring of smart waste management in our society, we see the benefits of solidarity and collectivity. If together we can share the costs and risks of development and progress, we can make change happen. Together you have more than each one for himself. This applies to the development of smart systems, but also to the programs that integrate these systems into our society. In doing so, we keep an eye on modern forms: for example, we have developed “Composting as daytime activities”, an initiative in which the clients of a healthcare institution become active with the compost machine and work together on a daily basis to make their living environment more sustainable. With this we give substance to informal solidarity in a participatory society.

We must be a socially involved company

Giving opportunities and getting opportunities. At local level, we do this, among other things, through our social programs and by working with students from different fields of study. We offer them work experience and they in turn contribute new insights. At the national level we support innovative projects in the field of waste reduction through our knowledge and expertise. We also work together with parties that are responsible for the national implementation of the participation law.

We can add value by making connections in other areas

One of our beliefs is that a sustainable future is best achieved through working together. This increases the impact of our actions, even among other areas . In this way we work together with partners to realize our goals, for example:

  • Producers of sustainable and compostable raw materials;
  • Knowledge institutes
  • Innovators in the area of CSR and labor participation