Composter customers


bunzl BUNZL Netherlands is continuously working on improving the sustainability of its services and organization. At the company’s head office in Arnhem for several years now waste is separated. All organic waste is processed in the Greengood composter GG-10. The composter is situated in the canteen so everyone can experience sustainability
king-logo kopie At King Netherlands headquarters in Tiel a Greengood composter GG-02 is used. The GG-02 is the smallest machine in the Greengood range, but it handles the daily organic waste with ease.
SAA-Logo-she301.43627 The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel gives high priority to sustainability. Therefore the Greengood composter GG-100 has been chosen for converting swill and other organic waste into compost. It gives sustainabilty and a significant savings in disposal costs of swill.
Superfair-5 kopie Super Fair is the first sustainable supermarket in the Netherlands which uses the Greengood composter GG-30. In its first store in Utrecht, the organic waste is converted directly into compost. The composter perfectly fits with the sustainable background of Super Fair. Besides that, it delivers savings in waste disposal costs.
Leger des heils Salvation Army location Almere is the first location to process swill and organic waste with the Greengood composter GG-30. The Greengood composter not only affords a more sustainable processes, but also savings on disposal costs.
logo Rijnland ziekenhuis The Rijnland Hospital in Leiderdorp carried out an intensive pilot before choosing the Greengood composter GG-50. After an intensive test at the impact of the Greengood composter on the operational processes, the Rijnland Hospital concluded that reduction and recycling of organic waste with the Greengood composter GG-50 is a good and lasting investment, with a short pay back time.
zorgsaam kopie ZorgSaam Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the specialist in care for young and old in the Dutch Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region and beyond. The location Bachten Dieke is committed to professional and personal care in a friendly, homely atmosphere. For more than a year now the Greengood composter GG-30 has been used to full satisfaction. The compost produced is used in the garden.
brabant The province of Noord Brabant is in the lead when it comes to sustainability. This is partly also reflected in the Provinciehuis in Den Bosch, where all the swill and other organic is treated in the Greengood composter GG-50.
logo Coloriet Coloriet is the specialist in living and care for seniors in Lelystad, Dronten en Zeewolde. Coloriet brings colour into the precious life of more than 1100 clients and their families, more than 1000 collaborators and 500 volunteers. Coloriet has bought composting machines type GG-10 for the each of the sites De Regenboog in Dronten, De Hoven in Lelystad and Laarhof in Lelystad. These machines together can turn 30.000 kg of organic waste into compost.


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