Circular waste reduction

Does your organisation aspire to having zero-waste?

Would you like to reduce your waste  production and save money?

Could the sustainability of your organisation be more visible?

With the Eco-creation Compost machine you can turn all your organic waste into dry, valuable compost within 24 hours.

Would you like to reduce your waste and save money?

Valuable compost

The Ecocreation Compost Machine turns organic waste into valuable compost.

Less waste

Each kilo of food waste that goes into the compost machine is turned into just 100 to 150 grams of compost. Rubbish is turned into soil with a volume reduction of over 85%!

Cost reductions

Reducing waste volume by over 85% results in a direct saving on your current organic waste disposal costs. You can even reduce waste by 100% by keeping the compost for your own use!

Would you like an efficient but simple process?

Easy to fit into your existing operational processes

In place from your rubbish bin, simply place your organic waste into the compost machine.
Would you like to adapt the process for your own needs? We have the tools to help you.

Easy to implement

Only mains power and air vent needed. The compost machines are mounted on wheels and are therefore easy to relocate.

Easy to use

Simply add your organic waste to the compost machine at any time and empty once a week with the touch of a button.

Would you like to make your organisation’s sustainability even more visible?

Gain valuable points with our circular process

Sustainability standards look closely at how waste products are processed on site.

Make your zero-waste strategy visible and tangible

Let your stakeholders experience filling the compost machine or give them a bag of self-made compost to take home.

Go further than the reduction of your organic waste products

There are many possibilities for the utilisation of the compost machine within an organisation. For example, a care home may introduce the compost machine as a creative activity for its residents.


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